Is Fortnite bad? 5 things I learned from playing Fortnite with my kid

My child is obsessed with Fortnite. For years I have heard about the latest skins, what’s happening in this season (currently chapter 2 season 8) and what level she is. With all this enthusiasm and focus, I began to ask myself, is Fortnite that bad?

I had already taken a very firm stance and banned other games like Roblox for a few reasons. She was gifting away things that she purchased in the game with in-game currency, and she also accepted friend requests from strangers. I was worried about the potential grooming opportunities within the game. So why didn’t I ban Fortnite?

The first thing any parent can do with these games is monitor what their child is doing in the game, ask questions, and understand why they enjoy playing. When I did this with Roblox, I immediately became concerned with the trading mechanism in the game and the chat features. I felt this could foster harmful environments and I wasn’t prepared to support my daughter’s enthusiasm to play this game. When I took this approach with Fortnite to figure out if it was terrible, I became interested.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

I have always enjoyed video games and believe they provide learning and social opportunities. So I was more than set up to tackle the challenge of playing Fortnite with my kid. If you are not a gamer yourself, I still believe you can benefit from playing Fortnite with your child. It’s relatively easy to join your child in a game. Almost all PC’s can play Fortnite, it’s on any internet-connected games console, and you can even play on mobile. Ask your kid to help you get set up if you don’t know how this could start a bonding experience. 

So without further delay, here is how I learned that Fortnite isn’t that bad and what I learned from playing with my kid. 

1. Fortnite is pretty hard.

I was pretty good at FPS like COD and Battlefield, and I used to love playing Rainbow Six Vegas. So I was quietly confident that I would be good at Fortnite and show my kid the ropes, lol. It wasn’t long before this illusion was abruptly shattered. My daughter taught me the perils of going up against “try hards” and “builders.” She taught me how to get an excellent loadout (what to carry around with you in a game), and she also taught me where I shouldn’t drop (land in the game). 

Don’t worry if much of this isn’t making sense. It would be best to cherish the experience and conversation opportunities it creates to learn from your child. 

2. My kid is a team player

If I get downed (get shot and need help), my daughter would always be ready to revive me. She always carried an extra med pack or shield potion to help me stay in the game during the early days. She often gave me guns that I liked and helped when attacking other players. 

This team mentality will serve her in later life. My daughter understands that she can’t win the game alone, and she also wants everyone to have a good time playing the game. These are traits I am pleased to learn about my daughter. 

3. You’re never too old to learn a new game

I have been playing Fortnite now for about a year with my daughter. In this time, I have learned how to play and enjoy the game. I have learned tactics to defend and how to play as a team. I thought my days of online play were long gone, but with just a few hours to spare and play with my daughter each week, I have enjoyed playing Fortnite. 

I understand that not everyone reading this will have played video games to the level I have in my life. However, I believe that almost anyone can begin playing Fortnite. Once you start playing Fortnite with your kid, you will probably learn much more than the game itself. 

4. Gaming as a family is an excellent way to bond

My wife also plays Fortnite, so we regularly sit down as a family to play a game of Trios. We get excited as a family for in-game events, and we make time to play Fortnite together. This activity has replaced time where we would all likely be on other devices or doing things separately. It can be so challenging to find opportunities to bond with our children in our day-to-day modern lives. As parents, it’s essential to make an effort to meet your children on a level playing field and learn what makes them tick.

Playing Fortnite as a family has led to us developing a team mentality and communication standards in-game and made problem-solving outside of the game more streamlined.

“It’s the things we play with and the people who help us play that make a great difference in our lives. –  Mr Rodgers 

5. My kid now feels more comfortable talking to me

My daughter likes to keep herself to herself. She can be a conversational perpetual motion machine when she is talking about things of interest. She can get nervous when tackling new ideas and challenging subjects. Since we began playing Fortnite together, we have stumbled onto new topics of conversation naturally. I now feel that my daughter and I can talk more openly about things bothering both of us. 

In summary, I am pleased that I took the plunge and began to play Fortnite with my kid. I learned the game is not bad, my daughter knows when playtime is over, and I learned so much more about who my daughter is becoming. 

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